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Victoria BC Video Production - Best Color Video - Mark McLaughlinOn Vancouver Island we TRANSFER VIDEO TAPE and FILMS to DVD, CONVERT media to disk and the Web.   We offer DVD duplication, VIDEO EDITING and Equipment RENTAL for Victoria BC Vancouver Island video production.
‘We Make Great Memories.’      Call us at 250-744-4111

VIDEO TAPE TRANSFERS:   Volume gets Discount Rates.

One Hr. – $29.95    Two Hr. – $49.95     1-10 Copies – $7.50 FROM: VHS, Video 8, Digital 8, Hi 8, Mini DV

Larger Volume  –  Call for custom quote  –  250-744-4111

Transferred to:    DVD, CD, MP3, MP4, Jpeg, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, AVI, WAV. PAL convert $35/hr.     CALL for Details


Victoria BC Photo & Slide transfers to DVD. Finished Slideshows with Music background. Rates depend on volume of material.

Call for custom quote  –  250-744-4111

FILM TRANSFERS:  Home Movie Conversions

8mm, Super 8mm – One Hr. finished video – $195

16mm film to DVD – One Hr. finished video – $285

Larger Volume  –  Call for custom quote  –  250-744-4111


Rates from $4.95 – $7.50 per unit with paper label and sleeve

Digital File Conversions – AVI, WMV, MPEG, MOV, etc

Call for custom quote  –  250-744-4111

Victoria BC Video Production - Best Color Video


Cameras,  Tripods,  Lighting,  Microphones

Call for custom quote  –  250-744-4111


Rates from $75/hr.

Volume project, Call for custom quote  –  250-744-4111

Prices are subject to change at any time.

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