ConstructoGroup Renovations

Stephen Lentz with Constructo Group is a Victoria based General Contractor for home construction & renovation. Rental or second suite creation, bath, kitchen, attic & basement remodelling.

Victoria BC. – ConstructoGroup general contractors

ConstructoGroup General Contractors

Salt Spring Island  residence

Residence Interior

Stephen Lentz – Contructo Group

Remodelled Kitchen

Kitchen and Dining Room

Remodelled Dining Area

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4 Responses to “ConstructoGroup Renovations”

  1. Mark McLaughlin on 06/06/2012 #

    Thanks Sasha for your comment Re ConstructoGroup’s work & the Promo video!

  2. Sasha on 05/06/2012 #

    ConstructoGroup worked in our house and we were impressed with their quality and commitment. We love their new video!

  3. Mark McLaughlin on 27/05/2012 #

    Thanks Stephen, enjoyed working with Constructo Group!

  4. Stephen Lentz on 24/05/2012 #

    Hi Mark – Thank you for putting our ConstructoGroup intro video together. The interview questions you asked casued me real reflection and the answers actually brought clarity to me, about us – and hopefully those viewing it. Thank you for those questions and of course the video too.

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